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At Goyal Eye, our goal is to provide our patients with the highest level of eye care and vision correction treatments. We are dedicated to helping our patients improve their eyesight. To ensure that all of our patient's medical needs are scrupulously satisfied, the Goyal Eye is ably backed by cutting-edge diagnostics, pharmacies, opticals, and a 10-bed indoor patient unit.

And it's always heartwarming to hear from our patients about their positive experiences with us. Check out what our customers have to say about their experience after getting Vision Correction surgery done at Goyal Eye.

Patient Testimonial
"My journey towards healing has been truly remarkable. Prior to undergoing vision correction treatment, my right eye had a sight of -9 while my left eye had a sight of -8. But with the help of the Goyal Eye treatment for removing specs, I am now able to see with perfect clarity, achieving a 6/6 vision.”
Patient Testimonial
"My Cataract treatment has been successfully done by Goyal Eye. The cloudiness that was once present in my eyes due to cataracts has been successfully removed. I would like to state that my vision is now 6/5.”
Patient Testimonial
"My eyes had -3 number before they began their vision-correction treatment. But, after receiving their treatment to have my glasses removed, I can now see clearly without any distortion, giving me a vision rating of 6/5."
Patient Testimonial
"This has been a remarkable healing journey for me. Before the vision correction treatment, I had an eyesight of -5. Thanks to the Goyal Eye specs removal treatment, I have a clear 6/5 vision."
Patient Testimonial
"I've had a remarkable experience with my treatment at Goyal Eye. I could hardly see clearly before having my cataract treatment. I'm in good health because of the vision correction surgery done by the best doctors, and now I have 6/5 vision."
Patient Testimonial
“This has been an amazing experience for me. Before the vision eye correction treatment, I had -9 eye number & could barely have a clear vision without my glasses. Thanks to the Goyal Eye vision correction treatment, I have a clear 6/5 vision.”
Our patient's journey to better eyesight was truly remarkable, and we are so proud to have played a role in helping them achieve their goal. Their testimonial serves as a testament to the life-changing impact of our treatments, and we are grateful to have had the opportunity to make a difference in their life.

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Amit Gulati

My parents had cataract surgery done here by Dr. Ritin Goyal . He is well experienced & very humble.Staff is also very co operative especially Mr. Dhaniram & Mr. Zaid who helped us throughout the whole process.we had a good experience here.we would highly recommend this institute for any kind of eye issues.

Vijay Singh Varun

I got my wife's cataract surgery done from Dr. Ritin Goyal. The entire process was smooth. I was informed about each and every detail by the assistant of Dr. Ritin. We were well assisted throughout the entire process by the staff and we are happy about the whole procedure. Special thanks to Dr. Ritin Goyal and team.

Sameeksha Dhyani

I was struggling with severe nearsightedness, and was tired of constantly wearing glasses and contacts. The doctors at Goyal Eye recommended ICL treatment & I'm so glad I went through with it. The entire process was smooth and painless, and now I have crystal clear vision without any corrective lenses. Thanks to their expertise and care. Highly recommend Dr. Ritin Goyal & team of Goyal Eye.

Kshitiz Handa

Hi, I've Got ICL done for both of my eyes from Dr. Ritin Goyal, and my experience was super good, every procedure was done very smoothly, and now my vision without spectacles is perfect. I used to wear glasses with no. 9 approximately, and now it is next to 0. Thanks to Goyal Eye, and special thanks to Dr. Ritin Goyal.

Sheena Garg

My father recently had VR treatment for retinal detachment. Doctors and staff are very humble and helpful. We are very thankful to Dr Anshul Goyal, a genius doctor who is very kind to his patients. His way of treatment and consultation is unique and gives immense faith to the patients. We appreciate his efforts and wish him the best for his future. We're also very thankful to Dr Ankita Srivastava for the successful laser treatment in the left eye.

Sumit Duggal

I have recently gotten my Lasik-Contoura done by Dr Ritin Goyal. My experience was terrific. He is very experienced and performed the procedure flawlessly, and I didn't even feel a thing. All the staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. They answered all questions, and the pre-procedure visits, procedures, and follow-ups went off without any problem. I highly recommend you guys to get your Lasik done from him only.

Pervash Kumar

I visited goyal eye institute for catrect operation of my mother , found that this eye hospital is perfect for any eye disease, operation of my mother is done in a very professional way with out any complaint, cleanliness in the hospital is spotless, behavior of staff is very good and cooperative, Dr Anshul Goyal and his assistant Mohd. Zaid helped me very much during my visit to hospital.

Anil Anand

Heartfelt thanks to Dr Anshul Goyal for an appreciable professional attitude perfectly blended with a personal touch towards my wife’s eye treatment. We were treated like a family and the best possible treatment was provided. I highly recommend Dr Anshul Goyal and his team.

Awantika Negi

"Goyal Eye Institute is the best place for any eye problem. I’m coming here from long time. My Retina detachment surgery and cataract surgery were done here. I’m happy with my Surgery. Doctors are very polite and very humble. I feel very comfortable here. If you visit here, it means you are in safe hands.
Thanks, Goyal Eye Institute for your marvelous services."


My experience with Goyal eye centre for Lasik was amazing. The entire team including the staff was highly co-operative. A huge shout out to Dr. Ritin Goyal for being super informative and who performed the surgery with utmost ease. The procedure went very smooth and I experienced no pain. I would highly recommend this place for any kind of eye issues. Kudos to the entire team!

Abhi Chatterjee

My father had cataract surgery for both his eyes here done by Dr. Anshul Goyal. We were dealt by him in a very polite and professional manner. We were also assisted very well by Mr. Mohd Zaid at every step of the process. Overall we had good experience at this place. I positively recommend this institute.

Tanmmay Talwar

Got the cataract surgery done of my parents at Goyal Eye Institute, Patel Nagar and the overall experience was very nice and the entire journey was smooth. Specially have to give credit to Dr. Anshul Goyal and his subordinate Mr. Mohd Zaid as they make the patients very comfortable and provides special care to senior citizens.

Aura Smith

I recently had an amazing experience at Goyal Eye where my mother went through a cataract surgery. The doctor was kind, answered all our questions and patiently "allowed" us to be ready for the surgery. This was rare because usually doctors want the "package" completed promptly so they can work on the next one. Not this one... Highly recommend Dr. Anshul Goyal at Goyal Eye institute. The staff, well, they can do better; but medical expertise is par excellence! I will be going back soon for my mother's cataract surgery in the second eye. Thank you Goyal Eye Institute.

Manav Deep Singh

Extremely professional behaviour with very high level of integrity. Highly competent surgeons and very cooperative staff. Comfortable environment. Overall yet to see a better place for ophthalmic services

Shefali Bansal

In 2019 Dr.ritin goyal have done my Lasik n it was great experience till now my vision is perfect. Yesterday I visit the hospital for regular checkup n I feel happy that still my vision is perfect. He is a nice doctor with very friendly behaviour.

Pulkit Garg

An extremely experienced team of doctors who take care of you from the moment you enter the hospital. The staff is also very courteous and each person is easily accessible at every step of the surgery. Prefer Goyal Eye Institute not only for the most advanced technology that they use but the experience that the team has to treat the patients.

Anika Aggarwal

Hi.....I m myself an ophthalmologist but when it comes to your parents u search for the best doctor and machinery.i preferred Dr goyal over anyone else for my father's cataract surgery as he has one of the finest set up in Delhi . His O.T and equipment are parexcellence. His staff is co operative n fully dedicated. Dr goyal deal with his patients calmly.listen to their queries n provide excellent medical facility.

Pervash Kumar

I visited goyal eye institute for catrect operation of my mother , found that this eye hospital is perfect for any eye disease, operation of my mother is done in a very professional way with out any complaint, cleanliness in the hospital is spotless, behavior of staff is very good and cooperative, Dr Anshul Goyal and his assistant Mohd. Zaid helped me very much during my visit to hospital.

Bhushan Aloria

No doubt, Dr Anshul is a great doctor and eye specialist, He did reoperated my mother's eye case which was done by jeevan hospital rohtak road first and they damaged 80% eye and she loss her visibility from wrong treatment, then we gone for Goyal institute and they treated from their hightech machines, then after some week now she recovering her eye day by day, so i will reffer to all for this hospital for all type of cases of eyes.

Rahul Anand

I went to India (from Australia) to get a Lasik operation done for my eyes. My case was a complicated one, given I had positive power (which is usually more complicated to fix using Lasik. I met several doctors in different eye hospitals before settling for this place as I met Dr. Ritin Goyal, who although young, seemed very well informed and had excellent experience in this field. I can say that after 3 weeks of my surgery, I am glad I made this choice as I am extremely happy with the results and I had no complications whatsoever. This eye hospital is very clean and is at par with any international eye hospital one would go to in a foreign destination. THANK YOU VERY MUCH

Suman Rajpoot

Thank you DrAnshul Goyal and your team for performing my mother complicated cataract surgery with pupiloplasty. My mother was suffering from a rare condition called aniridia. Dr Anshul created a customised treatment plan for her and performed an expert surgery. Ever since, my mother has been under his constant follow up and is gaining vision every day. I suggest other people for Goyal eye institute.For retina Dr Anshul goyal is the best Dr in Delhi.

Khushi Arya

I got LASIK done here and Dr. Pawan Goyal was an absolute angel. He guided me through the procedure very well, I knew what to expect every step of the way. He is an excellent doctor and I couldn't feel any pain during the surgery. It was quick, efficient, and honestly life-changing. The follow-up was also easy and he's just a great person to talk to. There were no complications and my vision is perfect now! Would highly recommend him!

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