The Surgical Suite

Our Cataract Surgical Suite

We at Goyal eye believe in nothing but the best, and that everyone deserves only the best. We continue to invest in the most advanced equipment for our clients.


Harder Cataracts aren’t that hard anymore

Trusted as one of the most reliable machines for cataract surgery since decades. Alcon Infinity can boast of having excellent mechanics providing exceptional control with unmatched speed.


Top-of-the-line view that inspires surgeons confidence

The better the surgeons visibility, more comfortable the surgeon is, and the higher is the success rate. This microscope has Superb Optics, Excellent Red-reflex, Continuous zoom, High penetration White light and better depth of focus, all of which go a long way in taking your cataract surgery to a safer and safer platform.


Next Level of Precision

It is the latest and the biggest advancement in cataract surgery where the critical steps of the procedure are automated


Relaxation enhances patient Co-operation

Our State of the Art OT complex with soothing colors and warm lighting shades provide a welcoming and comforting environment to the anxious/elderly patients ready for their procedure.

The Modular Operation Theater with antibacterial walls, dehumidifier, laminar air flow with HEPA filter.. are just a few of all our efforts towards sterility.

Our Modular Operation Theater
HEPA Filter

Removes 99.97% of particles >0.3 um; providing AQI of less than 50 in the OT

Laminar Air Flow

Only Clean filtered air at eye level; even lesser AQI where it matters most

Positive Pressure

Only Inside air moves out when doors open & unfiltered Outdoor air stays out

Anti-Bacterial Paint

And Also No Corners to prevent accumulation of dust and germs


Our Biggest Asset

We at GEI can boast of having being one of the pioneers of No-stitch cataract surgery in the capital. And have over 50,000 (and counting) satisfied cataract patients till date.


FIt is always you first

With prior information your assessment and procedure can be arranged to be performed on the same day, suitable for long distance clients. We strive for express services with minimal waiting times.

Goyal Eye Institute began with a humble beginning in 1989, and has now progressed to provide personalized and inclusive care for entre range of Ophthalmic specialties.

The Centre has highly competent and experienced Ophthalmic Super Specialists to provide best quality care under one roof. Our Specialists form various clinics work closely as a team to provide comprehensive.