Advanced Lens Implants

Better Vision Without Glasses

SPECS REMOVAL along with Cataract Surgery

With the help of advanced intra ocular lens implants, you can free yourself from your glasses along with cataract removal.

Our vision can be divided into 3 ranges.

  • Far vision (anything further than 6 feet),
  • Intermediate vision (computer monitor for example) and
  • Near vision (cell phone, newspaper). Each of them require a separate power of spectacle glasses.

Cataract Surgery involves removing the natural lens of the eye that has degenerated with age, and replacing it with an artificial lens. Conventional replacement lenses have a single focus and for most patients they can provide good vision without glasses for any one range only. As default the replacement lens power are calculated to avoid spectacles for FAR Vision for most patients.

MULTI-FOCAL Lenses: No reading Glasses

These replacement lenses have more than 1 foci and can hence remove the dependence on glasses for more than 1 range. Bifocal lenses have 2 foci, one for FAR vision and one for NEAR vision. Trifocal lenses have 3 foci, one for each of the 3 ranges.

Multifocal Lens at Goyal Eye Institute
Cataract Surgery with Toric Lens Implants

TORIC Lenses: For Corneal Astigmatism

The need for glasses also depends on the shape of the cornea (the transparent tissue covering the black portion of our eyes). Most people have uniform (stigmatic) corneal surface (like a basketball), while some patients have a cylindrical (astigmatic) corneal surface (like a rugby ball). These patients require glasses to neutralize the distortion.

Cataract Surgery with TORIC lens implants provides an opportunity to neutralize the distortion of vision caused by rugby-ball corneas, and improve the quality of vision without glasses for these patients.

TORIC lenses are available in both single-focus and multi-focal variants.

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