Premium Diagnostics

it’s the Planning before your surgery that makes the difference.

A thorough pre-operative evaluation and attention to detail, are the key to a positive outcome of any successful procedure. Our top of the line diagnostic equipment ensure that there are no stones left unturned.

Lens power calculator for Cataract Surgery

Nothing matches the satisfaction of accurate lens power

Automated Non contact lens power calculator predicts the Lens power much more accurately as compared to the convention method of manual biometry. “With the use of Zeiss IOL Master 500; incidence of post operative surprises and the need of reasonably thicker glasses for distance vision have been drastically reduced.

Cornea measurement for Toric Lenses

Corneal Size and Shape

Conventional measurements miss subtle irregularities of the corneal surface which can a dramatic effect on the final outcome. Pentacam notes the exact thickness and curvature at every point of the cornea, providing valuable information. It is the key investigation for TORIC lenses.

OCT Imaging test for Retina
OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography)

Rule out any disease of the vision center of the retina

Macula (vision center of the back of the eye) is a ball point pen tip sized tissue responsible for all our fine vision! Subtle disorders of the macula can have a dramatic impact on the final visual outcome, and cannot be picked up by doctor’s clinical examination. OCT detects these subtle disorders and helps guide the right course of action.

Specular Microscopy for Cataract Surgery

Detects eyes requiring special attention and precautions

The corneal endothelium (inner most layer of our cornea) is responsible for its transparency. The energy used in Cataract surgery can damage the endothelial cells. Specular microscopy is a high end diagnostic that detects low endothelial cell count and vulnerable cases.


For Mature Cataracts

Disorders of the back half of the eye, cannot be detected before surgery if the cataract is fully ripe. Ultrasonography of the eye with B- Scan helps exclude any gross posterior segment pathology.

Fundus Examination

For Peripheral Retinal Lesions

Elderly people and high myopes may have peripheral retinal defects. These defects have no symptoms and have the potential to dramatically hamper the eye sight. A thorough fundus examination can detect these defects and they can be secured either before or soon after the surgery to prevent permanent damage.

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