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What is Oculoplasty?

Oculoplastic refers to plastic surgery procedures relating to the eyes and the structures surrounding the eyes. Such surgeries can be reconstructive (re-building) surgeries to correct the abnormalities in the structure or cosmetic surgeries to make yourself look more beautiful.

Dr. Shilpa Taneja Mittal - Oculoplastic Surgeon in Delhi

Dr. Shilpa Taneja Mittal Oculoplasty

Oculoplasty Surgery at Goyal Eye

There are various reasons for people to choose Oculoplasty procedures including restructuring to get rid of scars and marks.

  • Brow lifts in case of sagging eyebrows
  • To correct droopy eyelids
  • Get rid of abnormal muscle development
  • Ageing or trauma in the eyes
  • To control excessive tearing
  • Swollen eyes due to infection, conditions of thyroids, etc.
  • Removal of wrinkles
  • Skin reconstruction due to cancer
  • To correct the effects of an injury or previously done eye surgeries

Oculoplasty surgery help you get rid of any scars or injury marks and to get beautiful

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