Robotic Cataract Surgery

CATALYS Precision Laser Cataract System for Cataract Surgery
Computerized-Cuts! LASER Cataract Surgery

Team Goyal Eye is proud to provide its patients this new standard of excellence in Eye care

CATALYS Precision Laser Cataract System

providing standards that cannot be achieved with manual techniques.

How does it work?

Robotic Cataract Surgery at Goyal Eye

As the patient’s eye is docked on to the machine, it creates a 3D image of the eye using millions of ultra-fine CT scans.

Bladeless Cataract Surgery in Delhi

The surgeon then decides the various surgical cuts intended for the procedure, on the computer screen. The surgeon can determine the exact location, size and shape of the each cut as per the requirement of the case.

Femtosecond Laser Cataract Surgery at Goyal Eye

Once approved, the LASER fires to execute the predefined cuts.
The laser has made a perfect circular cut exactly in the center of the cataract, of the exact dimension desired by the surgeon. Such perfection cannot be achieved manually every time.

LASER versus TRADITIONAL Cataract Surgery, Differences at a Glance.


Each step of the procedure can be modified by your surgeon to suit the requirements of YOUR eye.

Robotic Precision

Computerized delivery of laser energy spots, using highly advanced 3D Imaging, ensures that total precision is achieved.


Contiguous laser spots create a surgical opening that is of the exact deminsions and location.


Critical steps of the cataract surgery are automated by the laser system, making them more and more predictable.


The laser has already broken the cataract into fragments and are ready for removal even before the surgeon has entered the eye.


In sclerotic mature cataract the laser can break the rigid calcified capsule which is difficult to tear/cut manually.

Where it matters the most:

Premium Lenses

Accurate centration is critical for achieving maximal benefit from the premium lenses (Multifocal, TORIC, and Aspheric Lenses)... and Laser Cataract Surgery provides it with perfect precision, every time, in each and every case

Challenging Cases

Clean and complete cuts are many a times impossible to achieve by traditional surgery; especially in case of mature cataract, intumescent cataract, morganian cataract, sclerotic cataract, phacodonesis, vitrectomized eyes, high myopia. Computreized delivery of Laser cuts can help provide accurate cuts in these cases.

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