Medical Retinal Services

Extensive Diagnostics & Latest treatment Options

We aim to provide the right mix of good old techniques that have stood the test of time and recent innovations.


Attention to Detail

OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography or CT scan of the Eye) is a quick and non-invasive diagnostic tool that gives a highly magnified and detailed analysis of the retinal layers. Our Hi-Resolution Spectral Domain OCT can detect tiniest changes that may be missed by clinical examination alone.


Putting things in BLACK & WHITE

Angiography is done by injecting a fluorescent dye into the blood though one of the veins in the patient’s arm, and capturing images of the retina as the dye passes through the blood pipes of the retina. This investigation picks up areas which have damaged blood pipes, showing either leakage of the dye or non-filling due to blockage of the blood pipe.


Directly Into the Eye

Highly specific medicines are available, that can be injected directly into the eye through extremely fine needles. These injections have a dramatic response on damaged blood pipes and can significantly improve vision in many patients.

Double Frequency NdYAg Retinal Laser

To the Point

Laser treatment is required to treat the blood pipes responsible for retinal swelling and leakage. We at Goyal Eye, have installed the high end NIDEK GYC-1000 for accurate and precise treatment of our patients.

Our specialists

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Dr. Anshul Goyal CEO Cataract and Retina Surgeon

Dr. Ritin Goyal Director Cataract and Cornea Surgeon

Dr. Pawan Goyal Chairman Cataract and LASIK Surgeon

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Goyal Eye Institute began with a humble beginning in 1989, and has now progressed to provide personalized and inclusive care for entre range of Ophthalmic specialties.

The Centre has highly competent and experienced Ophthalmic Super Specialists to provide best quality care under one roof. Our Specialists form various clinics work closely as a team to provide comprehensive.