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With the best eye surgeons, and ultra high speed Alcon infinity Phacoemulsifier, the cataract is broken down into small pieces and then removed from the...more


For people suffering from myopia or hyperopia, Lasik surgery could be the best way to get rid of spectacles or contact lenses. Rely on our well -renowned eye...more

Diabetic Retinopathy

People with any form of diabetes may develop diabetic retinopathy. Sooner the retinopathy is diagnosed; the more likely these treatments will be successful...more


Glaucoma is a common eye disease of the old-aged people that may cause permanent blindness. If the disease left untreated, an elevated pressure inside the eyes...more

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We are one of the only centers in the country to have modern technology which can be customized to patient’s unique eye needs

Eye Care Center in Delhi

Goyal Eye Institute is headed by its Medical Director, Dr. Pawan Goyal, renowned ophthalmic micro-surgeon, with thousands of cataract and LASIK procedures and numerous national and international awards to his credit. Inaugurated by Ex-President of India Late Shri Giani Zail Singh more than 20 years ago, the Institute is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art eye care of the highest quality in all super-specialties of ophthalmology.

Dr. Pawan Goyal has introduced procedures like Phacoemulsification for cataract surgery and LASIK LASER for vision correction in India, making him a pioneer in his own right. His vision of bringing all super-specialties under one roof, is now a revolutionary trend in Indian ophthalmology, providing comprehensive eye care to thousands of patients at best eye hospital in East Delhi i.e. Goyal Eye Institute.

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Goyal Eye Institute is the premier eye care center in Delhi that strives to provide the excellent health care solutions. To know more about our latest services at eye hospital in west delhi check out our blogs…

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What Is Glaucoma – It’s Early Detection Preserves Eye Vision

Once the vision is lost to glaucoma, it cannot be restored or regained. That’s why glaucoma is also known as the “silent thief of sight” since many people remain undiagnosed until permanent blindness occurs. It is a set of eye disorders which steadily damage the optic nerve, which is necessary for good eye vision.Read More...

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LASIK Laser Eye Surgery – How Vision Correction Changes Your Life

People who have astigmatism, or who are farsighted, nearsighted may go for the laser procedure. The surgery eliminates the need for spectacles or contact lenses. After all, the surgery has a massive track record and many people are satisfied with such fantastic results. Whether you are a good candidate for LASIK or not, read on… Read More...