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More than 33 years of excellence in cataract treatments

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We at GEI can boast for over 40,000 + satisfied cataract patients till date


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Dr. Pawan Goyal - Cataract Surgeon in Delhi
Best Eye hospital in Delhi

Modern technologies customizable to patient’s unique eye care needs

Goyal Eye Institute is headed by its Medical Director, Dr. Pawan Goyal, renowned ophthalmic micro-surgeon, with thousands of cataract and LASIK procedures and numerous national and international awards to his credit.

About the Institute
Goyal Eye Institute

Best Eye Care Hospital in Delhi

Best hospital for Cataract in Delhi

Experience the beauty of clarity. Choose the Best Cataract Surgery for you

Retina Treatment in Delhi

From small issues to complex surgeries, Goyal Eye has Best Retina Experts to take care of

Specs Removal Surgery in Delhi
Specs Removal

From basic surgery to Contoura vision, we are the specialists in specs removal surgeries

Best hospital for Cornea Treatment

Get rid of problems like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism and others

Glaucoma Treatment in Delhi

Non-compromising protocol for glaucoma investigations, that minimizes both over and under treatment

Best Child Eye care Hospital
Squint & Paediatric Ophthalmology

Be attentive to children’s eye care when their eye-brain connections are still developing

Best Eye care center in Delhi

Corrective surgeries for cosmetic appearance of the eyes and surrounding areas

Highly specialized treatment for both adults and children

Our specialists

Meet our Team

Dr. Anshul Goyal - Cataract and Retina Surgeon in Delhi

Dr. Anshul Goyal CEO Cataract and Retina Surgeon

Dr. Ritin Goyal - Cataract and Cornea Specialist

Dr. Ritin Goyal Director Cataract and Cornea Surgeon

Dr. Pawan Goyal - Cataract and LASIK Surgeon

Dr. Pawan Goyal Chairman Cataract and LASIK Surgeon

Goyal Eye Institute began with a humble beginning in 1989, and has now progressed to provide personalized and inclusive care for entre range of Ophthalmic specialties.

The Centre has highly competent and experienced Ophthalmic Super Specialists to provide best quality care under one roof. Our Specialists form various clinics work closely as a team to provide comprehensive.