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"Dr. Parwan and his son run an excellent operation in New Delhi. Goyal Eye Institute was recommended by family friends and I am so happy that I decided to undergo a Lasik procedure there this month. It was a quick and minimal pain free procedure that was very reasonably priced. I was actually surprised at how easy everything was. The recover time is great and they provide you with all the follow up care to ensure a quick recovery. I felt immediately better a few hours after the procedure and by the next day, I could see perfectly. There is a pharmacy attached to the center that is very convenient too. Dr. Parwan's son is very friendly and easy to talk to. Dr. Parwan took time to answer any questions I had and even complimented me on being a very easy patient to work with. He was very supportive by walking me through each step while I was having the procedure done. You should plan for at least two days to get a check up, analysis done and a few hours for the actual procedure. You'll also need to go back for a post follow up check up. I ended up taking 3 days which was just about the right amount of time for me"

- Lewis Cardenas

"We find Goyal Eye Institute and its staff very professional, reliable and helpful. It was easy, positive and painless experience altogether which actually gave fantastic results. Heartfelt thank you to the Goyal Eye Institute and wish them all the best for their future endeavors"

- Ms. Devi.M.Parekh

"Thank you very much sir for the excellent eye health care. This is such a good thing that you are taking care of patients so well. I am very happy and satisfied after undergoing a cataract surgery. Again, thanks a lot for giving me new life"

- Mr. Raj Kumar

"This is the best eye clinic in Delhi and Dr. Goyal is the most reliable and trustworthy doctor who actually gives the best possible health care to patients and ensure they leave the institute happily after treatment. Thanks to him and his cooperative staff"

- Ms. Vinita Ratho