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World’s Fastest Lasik Treatment in Delhi

LASIK is a unique situation where speed dictates accuracy. Alcon Wavelight EX 500 is the world’s fastest LASIK laser that completes ablation at an average of 1.4sec/dioptre. This reduces the chances of error due to patient fatigue and drying up of the corneal bed due to prolonged exposure

1050 Hz Eye Tracker

Swifter than any eye movement

Micro eye movements are present even while looking at a fixed target, High speed eye tracker ensures that no movement is missed and the laser is delivered accurately as planned.


World’s Smallest Laser spot size

Smaller and more numerous laser spots ensure that the reshaping of the cornea is more smoother and more accurate.


1. Pentacam

Patients with very high spectacle power and thin corneas are at risk of damage from LASIK treatment. Till recently, several such patients were labelled as borderline and it was not definitive whether LASIK was safe for them or not. Pentacam, an imaging modality for cornea, has been the conclusive tool in this regard. At GEI, all patients are screened by Pentacam to ensure that they are safe and secure.

2. Online Pachymeter

Alcon Wavelight EX500 come with this high end safety feature which measures the corneal thickness at every stage of the procedure, inspiring surgeons’ confidence before, during and after LASIK treatment

3. Blade-Free Lasik

Here, the first step of LASIK treatment, creating the partial thickness corneal flap, is performed by special equipment called femto-second laser, having laser spot duration of one quadrillionth of a second. Back-to-back femto-laser spots joined together create the cleavage plane which in conventional LASIK, is performed by a motorized sharp blade. Computerized delivery of these laser spots ensures the cleavage plane is formed at exactly the desired depth of thickness, enhancing accuracy and safety.


The Best Policy

We at GEI believe in nothing but the best, and that everyone deserves only the best. We have invested in the most advanced equipment for out clients by virtue of which all subjects treated here undergo ASPHERIC Lasik treatment in Delhi at no added cost.

Vast Experience

Our biggest assett

At Goyal Eye Institute, we can boast of being one of the pioneers in Lasik Surgery in the country and have over 25,000 satisfied people worldwide.


State of the Art Operation Theatre and Saloon

A person keen for Lasik is not a patient; we guarantee the best atmosphere and comfort, Minimal waiting time, and responsive and cheerful staff members.


For Us: It’s Always YOU First

At our centre, complete eye check-up, investigations and Lasik Laser can be completed on the same day, suitable for long distance clients and foreigners.