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LASIK Treatment in Delhi
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LASIK has gained popularity over the last few decades, however awareness regarding its reliability in terms of safety, accuracy and quality is still lacking. Unfortunately, most LASIK clients today are choosing a LASIK center according to the cost rather than by better understanding of the procedure, and the advantages to the patient of high-end machines in all the 3 fields (safety, accuracy, quality).

After having personally performed over 25,000 LASIK procedures, and having observed the evolution of LASIK over the past 2 decades, I can confidently state that “ the quality of vision and predictability of the procedure with newer equipment are much better than before, and anything else would be a compromise. ”….Dr Pawan Goyal

LASIK Treatment in Delhi

Dr Pawan Goyal completed his graduation and post graduation from GMCH, Patiala in 1981. He moved to the capital in 1982 and established Goyal Eye Institute in the heart of the city in 1989. Refractive procedures for freedom from glasses has always been his prime field of interests, and he had performed thousands of RK procedures in the 80 and 90s before the inception of LASIK Laser.

In the 1995 he received formal training in Excimer Laser from the prestigious Bochner Eye Institute, in Toronto, Canada; and with a firm determination and vision of providing the latest and best eye care to all patients, installed his own Lasik Laser setup in 1991, making him a pioneer in his own right.

Ever since then, Dr Pawan Goyal has kept pace with the advances in medical science and has constantly been upgrading his equipment to ensure that the best is available for all. Not only does he have a vast experience in LASIK laser, Dr Goyal has trained and taught numerous eye surgeons in the capital who now have their own independent setups for LASIK laser.