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Lasik can be considered by

  • Age over 18 years
  • Glasses power constant over the past 1 year
  • Not pregnant/ nursing

Those who fulfil the criteria above may get their check up done at our Lasik Centre. Pentacam and Retina screening along with a thorough eye examination shall determine whether or not Lasik is safe for you.

  • Subjects having extremely high refractive power and thin corneas, as determined after your Lasik work up.
  • Patients diagnosed with or are suspected to be having Keratoconus, an uncommon eye condition where the corneas have an abnormally conical shape. Procedures aimed at freedom from glasses are not recommended for these patients. A special UV Laser called C3R is needed for eyes with Keratoconus that display signs of progression and worsening.
  • Anyone with unrealistic expectations

In patients with thin corneas and high refractive power:

  • ICL
  • Epi-Lasik
  • Clear Lens Extraction with Multi-focal IOL implantation

We suggest that you avoid the use of contacts at least 1 week before the procedure, for the purpose of accuracy and safety

Yes, Lasik and other eye procedure causes temporary dryness that usually lasts about 1 month. Artificial tear eye drops are routinely prescribed after Lasik. In your case the quality and frequency of these drops shall have to be increased for the post operative period.

3 days of leave and abstinence from computers and laptops usually suffices. Computer use may cause mild strain initially, which usually responds well to frequent use of artificial tear eye drops

Lasik laser is one time permanent solution for glasses/contact lenses. However, in about 2 to 4% cases, some regression does occur. These can be managed with a Lasik redo depending on their corneal thickness.

  • Avoid rubbing the eyes for 1 month
  • Protect eyes from soap and water for 2 weeks
  • Avoid dusty and crowded placed for 1 month
  • Avoid swimming for 2 months

There are no long term precautions/ prohibitions of Lasik Laser