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Retina specialist doctor in Delhi
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Understanding Glaucoma

How it affects our vision

Glaucoma is usually due to an imbalance between the supply of nutritious fluid into the eye and drainage of dirty fluid out of it; leading to increase in eye pressure which damages the various eye structures mainly the optic nerve which is like a wire that carries the image captured by the eye up to the brain.

Retina specialist doctor in Delhi

Silent thief of sight

Has no symptoms, and can leave you blind

Retina specialist doctor in Delhi

Our vision has two main components: Central vision responsible for fine work and side vision for navigation. As the effect of glaucoma is painless and gradual and since Glaucoma doesn’t affect the central vision till its last stages hence it can go un-noticed until end stage disease

Prevention is the best treatment

Regular eye check recommended for those at risk

It typically affects the elderly, especially those who have a family history of glaucoma. Everyone over 50 years of age should have a comprehensive eye exam done annually.

Save the vision that is left

Vision loss cannot be cured; but can be controlled

Any loss of visual field secondary to Glaucoma is permanent and irreversible. Reducing eye pressure by eye drops can halt the progression of vision loss. Surgery is required in refractory cases.