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Ultra Hi-Resolution SD OCT

Picks up earliest glaucomatous damage

The most sensitive test for detecting progression of Glaucoma. OCT is the prime test that can determine glaucoma progression objectively.

Digital Optic Nerve Head Photography

Provides database for comparison on follow up visits

Slow and subtle changes in the optic nerve, need to be compared over years. High resolution images help in comparison and decision making

Retina specialist doctor in Delhi

Zeiss Humphrey’s Visual Field Analyser

The yard-stick for glaucomatous damage

Zeiss HVF is the perfect tool for Objective assessment of visual field. It is the true indicator of glaucoma’s impact on the patient’s vision and helps in patient education about his/her disease status.

Goldmann’s Applanation Tonometry

Gold-standard of eye pressure recording

Delicate performance of this instrument gives precise readings of the eye pressure. All Glaucoma patients at GEI are managed based on their eye pressure readings of Applanation tonometer only.

Ultrasonic Pachymetry

To ensure that the recorded pressure is not a false alarm

The eye pressure recorded by any method is dependant on the thickness of the eyeball. The thicker the eyeball the higher the pressure readings. Hence, the eye pressure must be adjusted for the thickness of the eyeball.