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Cataract surgery in Delhi
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Advanced Equipment

Cataract surgery in Delhi

Alcon Infinity

Harder Cataracts aren’t that hard anymore

Trusted as the most reliable machine for cataract surgery world over; Alcon infinity can boast of having excellent mechanics providing exceptional control with unmatched speed.

Zeiss IOL Master

Nothing matches the satisfaction of accurate IOL power

Automated Non contact IOL power calculator predicts the Lens power much more accurately as compared to the convention method of manual biometry. “With the use of Zeiss IOL Master 500; incidence of post operative surprises and the need of reasonably thicker glasses for distance vision have been drastically reduced.”...Dr. Pawan Goyal

Cataract surgery in Delhi
Cataract surgery in Delhi

Lumera Microscope

Excellent features that inspire Surgeon confidence

Superb Optics, Excellent Red-reflex, Continuous zoom, High penetration White light and better depth of focus, all go a long way in making cataract surgery a safer and safer platform.

The more the visibility, more comfortable the surgeon, and safer the surgery.

See for yourself

Live viewing for patients’ attendants and relatives

The relatives and attendants accompanying the patients are welcome to observe the surgery live on an ultra-bright 40” LED full HD display. Most attendants remark it as ‘a truly memorable experience’.

State of the Art Operation Theatre

The anxious heart needs to relax before surgery

Cataract surgery in Delhi

Our State of the art OT complex with soothing colors and warm lighting shades provide a welcoming and comforting environment to the anxious patient ready for the procedure.

The Modular Operation Theatres with antibacterial walls and floor, Electrostatic air purifiers, laminar air flow with Hepa-filter... are just a few of all our efforts to make sure your procedures are clean and aseptic

Vast Experience

Our Biggest Asset

We at GEI can boast of having being one of the pioneers of No-stitch cataract surgery in the capital. And have over 40,000 (and counting) satisfied cataract patients till date.


It is always YOU first

We guarantee the best atmosphere and comfort, Minimal waiting time, and responsive and cheerful staff members.

Affordable Prices

And Maintaining International Standards!!

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Cashless and reimbursement Mediclaims

from all Insurance companies, GOs and PSUs

Caring since over past 25 years, we are well recognized by almost all available medical insurance companies and most of the major organizations which provide direct medical benefits for their employees. Click on the empanelment page to see the complete list of insurance companies and government departments on our Panel.