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Cataract surgery in Delhi
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  • Cataract surgery is a day care procedure, overnight admission is not required. You shall be discharged within 2 hours of your arrival.
  • Good control of blood sugar and blood pressure is recommended for a safe surgery.
  • Routine indoor activities may be resumed within 2 days, and all activities after 1 week.
  • Follow up visits shall be on the next day of surgery, after 1 week and after 3 weeks post-op.
  • Both eyes are not operated simultaneously; we recommend a gap of 1 week.
  • Power of Spectacles shall be provided after 3 weeks. With Multifocal IOLs, no glasses are needed for near vision; however they shall be required for near work with other IOLs. Distance vision is very good without the use of glasses in all cases, and in some cases very low power glasses may be required for fine tuning.