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Cataract surgery in Delhi
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Multifocal Lenses

No Reading Glasses

Cataract surgery in Delhi

Conventional IOLs provide clear vision for distance, however reading glasses are needed for near work. Multifocal lenses provide clear vision for distant objects and near work without the need for any additional glasses. Ask our experts if you are a candidate for Multifocal IOL.

Toric Lenses

For Those using Cylindrical Glasses For Astigmatism

Cataract surgery in Delhi

With the use of conventional IOLs, patients having astigmatism who develop cataract shall require cylindrical power glasses post operatively. Toric IOLs can correct both cataract and astigmatism at the same time. Ask our experts if you are a candidate for Toric IOL.

Aspheric Lenses

Sharper focus under all lighting conditions

Cataract surgery in Delhi p>Aspheric design in comparison to conventional IOLs provides better focus of all light rays entering the eye especially under dim illumination. Hence, improved contrast and color appreciation.

Advanced MICS Lenses

For those who believe in nothing but the best

Cataract surgery in Delhi


Break-through advancement in cataract treatment enables the surgeon to remove cataract through an incision of just 1.8mm, providing exceptional wound stability and minimal change in the architecture of the eye (Negligible Surgically Induced Astigmatism). Ask our Expert for the Lenses compatible with MICS