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Principle of Lasik

The Human eye works like a camera. Light rays travel through the Cornea (front surface of eye), the Lens in the middle and are then focused onto the Retina (back of the eye).

Glasses/Contact Lenses are required when size and shape of the eye doesn’t correspond to its focussing power. Light rays either focus in front of Retina (Myopia/Near Sightedness/Minus Power) or behind Retina (Hypermetropia/Farsightedness/Plus power) or are irregularly focussed (Astigmatism/Cylindrical Power).

LASIK Procedure uses tiny laser spots to reshape the corneal surface such that the light rays are focused precisely onto the retina.


How is Lasik Procedure Done?

Don't be afraid

No Injection No Pain

Just anaesthetic eye drops are sufficient to numb the eyes to undergo the procedure easily.

15 Minute Job

With Alcon Wavelight EX500, world’s fastest Lasik Laser, 15 minutes is also an exaggeration. A haircut takes longer than a Lasik procedure.

Back in 3 Days!

No bandage or any bed rest is required following Lasik surgery. Routine activities may be started from the very next day and almost all activities can be resumed with 3 to 4 days.

Instant Results

Good vision without spectacles is achieved as soon as the procedure is completed, and it improves further as the effect of medicines wears off.